The Sky Turned Purple

Part of the 30-day writing challenge

James Jordan
2 min readMay 22, 2022


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“Have I ever led you astray,” Charlie said, holding out the suspicious-looking mushroom he had found.

“Yea, actually lots of times,” I replied.

“Oh, … Well, I’m sure this time. These really are morel mushrooms,” he said as he took a bite of one.

“This area is more known for magic mushrooms,” I said after taking one and examining it closely.

“They taste pretty good though,” he said as he ate another one.

I ate one while he ate five or six. They didn’t taste bad and I thought maybe they were harmless as he said they were. But it was my old hippie pal Charlie, so you never know with him. We were on a long hike in East Texas, so I didn’t think too much could go wrong.

We hiked a few more miles. I was feeling a little nauseous and my stomach hurt. The trees looked bigger around and taller than they had earlier in the day.

We stopped to rest as the sun was starting to go down. We decided this would be a good spot to camp for the night, and set up our small tent.

Relaxing by the fire. I was nauseous and almost dizzy, so I didn’t want to eat.

“Wow man look at that purple sky,” I said.

“I see it,” Charlie replied. “The light show should start about any time.”

“Cool. Got any more of those mushrooms?”



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